World of Mahjong: Learn and Play Like a Pro!

Are you ready for a trip into the wonderful world of Mahjong? This old Chinese tile game has different rules depending on where it is played, but we’re here to talk about the basics. Set up the table and get your friends together. Let’s go on a Mahjong trip!

Mahjong is made up of 136 tiles, which are arranged into characters, bamboos, squares, wind tiles, and dragon tiles. The simple goal is to get to “mahjong” by making a 14-tile hand with four sets and one pair. Let’s look more closely at how the game is set up and how it works.

World of Mahjong: Getting the Game Ready:

Starting Dealer: The first thing you need to do is pick the starting dealer. You can do this the old-fashioned way or by rolling dice.

Building the Wall: Mix up all the tiles and build a strong wall in the middle of the table. It’s like making a castle out of tiles!

Dealing Tiles: The dealer rolls the dice and then passes the tiles around in a clockwise direction. The dealer starts with an extra 14th tile, and each person gets 13 tiles.

Follow these steps to play:

Taking Turns: Each player starts to the left of the dealer and takes a turn. It’s all about planning and being aware.

Claiming Tiles: Be a good sport before your turn by letting another player claim the most recent tile that was thrown away.

Finishing a game of Mahjong: The final goal is to win mahjong. Say “mahjong” and show off your winning hand if a thrown tile completes your 14-tile hand.

If the lost tile helps you finish a set, say “pung” or “chow,” which will show you the tiles that go with it. Finding chances is what it’s all about.

Kong: Playing with a “Kong” (four of the same tile) can make it more difficult. Take it, draw an extra tile, and then throw it away. People who are good at Mahjong love a Kong!

World of Mahjong: Putting the Game to Rest:

Hand End: The game is over when a player says “mahjong” and shows a full 14-tile hand.

Scoring: Giving the winner one point is an easy way to score. But be careful! There are many ways to score, and some games give extra points. Before you start, agree on the rules.

Decide whether the game will end after a certain number of points, rounds, or until one of the players says they’ve had enough mahjong fun.

World of Mahjong: Put yourself to the test with variants:

For experienced Mahjong players, here are some interesting new versions to try:

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In conclusion, good job! You now know how to play Mahjong properly on BETSLOT. No matter how good you are at Mahjong or how long you’ve been playing, there are always new things to discover. Get your tiles together with your friends, and get ready for a Mahjong adventure you’ll never forget!